Regional Assistance Programs

Programs only available to the Supreme directors to assist each region with social and charitable goals.


Summer Camp Assistance Program

The purpose of this program is to assist Caravans who wish to send mentally challenged person(s) to a special needs summer camp.

In order to help as many special friends as possible, this is a one-time, per person opportunity.

Each region qualifies for an annual $1,500 of camper assistance funds regardless the number of campers.

The Application to the Summer Camp Program form has to be completed in full, a parent or a person responsible for the applicant who can verify applicant’s funds must sign the application. The application is then proposed and signed by a Grand Commander and sent to their Supreme Director. It is the responsibility of the Supreme Director to contact the camp to verify the camper’s date of attendance, cost and sign the form. The original application is to be mailed to the Secretariat. Upon receipt, the Secretariat will verify if the application meets the requirements of the program and will forward it to the Summer Camp Program Committee for final approval.

Complete details of the Summer Camp Program are available here


St. Francis Camp on the Lake

This beautiful Alhambra run camp serving the Intellectually Disabled is located in Jerome, MI. The camp is a 501(c)(3) which is administered by Alhambra Caravans from Region VI and blessed to have additional financial support from the Knights of Columbus. 

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