Alhamar Caravan No. 4

Chartered 1906Wilkes-Barre, PA

About Us

Alhamar Caravan No. 4 is the Order's oldest active Caravan. Members join Alhamar Caravan No. 4 for the social and spiritual aspects and find spending time together engaged in the charitable work of the Order a most rewarding experience. Our charitable mission; supporting people with intellectual disabilities.

We host dinner dances for Special Olympics bowlers, a Halloween dance party, and a Christmas pizza party for Up & Down Bowlers. We provide monetary donations at Christmas and Easter to local group homes. Our largest event is a summer picnic for people with intellectual disabilities and their families with free food, music, dancing and prizes. We endeavor to create entertaining events and fun activities which show our very special friends just how much we cherish them.

Our caravan grants Alhambra scholarships to local college students studying special education and helps provides summer camp experiences for special needs children.

Alhamar Caravan No. 4 is especially proud to have spearheaded an effort in 2002 which after securing a loan through the Order of Alhambra's headquarters, established the St. Joseph's Center Alhambra House in Scranton, PA. This Alhambra house cares for 4 women with intellectual disabilities. Caravan donations support the house and we arrange visits around Christmas singing carols and bringing holiday cheer to these wonderful women.

On a more spiritual note, things we do as a caravan; attend Alhamar’s Memorial and Founder's Day masses at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Dupont, PA, Holy Hour in the chapel at King's College, we also attend a special Mass for Persons with Disabilities at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter's in Scranton.

Alhamar caravan’s members can often be found at volunteer fairs at King's College and the University of Scranton recruiting student volunteers who assist us with various activities throughout the year. We also hold membership drives at local Catholic Churches in February and March and at church sponsored summer festivals.

Fellowship is very important to us so we always take time to enjoy one another’s company. This often happens at a lunch or dinner following one of our caravan functions.

Caravan Officers

Grand Commander: Donna Magni

Vice Grand Commander: Paul S. Makuch

Grand Scribe: Marilyn Krall

Grand Advocate: Raymond Kownacki

Scribe of the Exchequer: Ada Magni

Grand Chamberlain: Tom Dugan

Chaplain: Fr. James McGahagan

For more information

Contact: Ada Magni, SE, SD R2

Phone: (570) 693-1338


Meeting Location:

Community Room on the Campus of King's College 

29 W. North St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702


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Order of Alhambra hosts holy hour at Chapel of Christ the King

Order of Alhambra awards scholarships to special education majors

White Haven Center Honors Alhamar Caravan 4

Last Updated: 12/5/2023


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Alhamar Caravan No. 4 Hosts Holy Hour

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