Guadalupe Caravan No. 234

Chartered 19??

Our charitable mission; to assist those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Members are bonded thru Catholic faith, Christian values, and a desire to assist the less fortunate.

Caravan Officers

Grand Commander: Thomas Michael

Vice Grand Commander: Vacant

Grand Scribe: Jaime Sanchez

Grand Advocate: Dr. Joe Segapeli

Scribe of the Exchequer: Carlos Moncada

Grand Chamberlain: Thomas Michael

Chaplain: Vacant

For more information

Contact: GC Roger W. Hovis

Phone: (915) 590-3331

Meeting Location:


Address (map)

Last Updated: 11/26/2023


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Manresa 217

Northvile, MI

El Camino 270

St. Louis, MO

Algarva 168

Grand Bend, Ontario