Through our social and fraternal work we enhance the quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and memorialize persons, places and events significant to our catholic heritage.

Through charitable programs and projects, the Order of Alhambra focuses on providing assistance to people with intellectual disabilities. The Order also perpetuates Catholic heritage with its Historical Memorials program, a founding purpose of the Order. And, we place strong emphasis on fraternalism and sociability, working to build a community of friends which enjoys working together in support of these worthwhile purposes.

Charity  (It's what we do for our brothers and sisters)

As a Catholic organization the members of the Order coordinate their efforts and assistance programs with respect the respective Bishops under whose auspices such activities may fall – to accomplish the following for persons intellectually disabled, and to:

Catholic History  (How we remember in the context of our Catholic faith)

The Historical Memorials program has existed from the founding days of the Order of Alhambra, as reported in the foreword of "The Order of Alhambra: Its History and Its Memorials," by Reverend Vincent A. Lapomarda. In there it is noted "...just as the very name of the Order recalls a crucial turning point in the history of religion and culture among the Catholics of Europe, so Alhambra was founded to perpetuate the glorious moments in the history of religion and culture among Catholics in North America."

Accordingly, to this day, a major purpose of the Order of Alhambra is to identify, mark, preserve, and commemorate Catholic historical places, events and persons of international importance. Over 180 such memorials have been established in Canada and the United States. A registry of these memorials and their locations is maintained by the Headquarters Office permanent staff.

Alhambra List of Historical Memorials as of 2019

Many of our memorial plaques can be found in The Historical Marker Database at HMdb.org

Sociability  (As Christians, we are a community for good)

Fraternalism and sociability are dominant characteristics of the Order of Alhambra. These characteristics are specifically identified in one of the purposes of the international Order, i.e., "To promote social, fraternal and intellectual associations and through its Caravans provide a practical means to form enduring fellowship and friendship among its members." These characteristics of the members of the Order are perpetuated to provide camaraderie and enjoyment while raising funds to achieve the Order's goals and objectives of assisting persons with intellectual disabilities.

Order of Alhambra as described in Wikipedia (CLICK HERE)