Darro Caravan No. 29

Chartered 1913New Orleans, LA

Darro Caravan No. 29 is a relatively small caravan located in the New Orleans metropolitan area. Even with our limited resources we manage to put on five dances a year for those with special needs.

One dance called "Who Let the Dogs Out?" is a New Orleans Saints football team themed event. We have even had "superfans" at the dance. (Those people who wear costumes to the games.) Darro Caravan has managed to get Gumbo the mascot there as well. The dancers love having their pictures taken with the "celebrities."

We host an annual "Picnic in the Park" which is attended by over 200 guests and their caregivers. The caravan also holds an annual Easter egg hunt as well as a Christmas party.

Our Chaplain celebrates a monthly mass for God's special children with the kids assisting in the mass as alter servers and readers.

Caravan Officers

Grand Commander: Francis Celino

Vice Grand Commander: Donald Mazerat Jr.

Grand Scribe: Vacant

Grand Advocate: James Call

Scribe of the Exchequer: Robert Stevens

Grand Chamberlain: Charles Ferry

Chaplain: Rev. Michael Mitchell

For more information

Contact: Robert Stevens

Phone: 504-454-3421

Email: fcelino2@att.net

Meeting Location:

Our Lady of Divine Providence Church

1000 N Starrett Rd, Metairie, LA 70003 (map)



Last Updated: 12/9/2023


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