Al Kamel Caravan No. 10

Chartered 1907Cincinnati, OH

Al Kamel caravan is one of the oldest caravans in the order and was at its peak over 150 members. The current leadership took over the caravan in the mid 2010's with the intent to build the caravan back up. Today the mission of Al Kamel focuses on supporting the pro-life movement in Cincinnati, preserving Catholic History and building Catholic fraternity.

Caravan Officers

Grand Commander: Colin Kunath

Vice Grand Commander: Aidan Kunath

Grand Scribe: Kyle Hardison

Grand Advocate: Riley Kane Esq

Scribe of the Exchequer: Christopher O’Donnell

Grand Chamberlain: Domenic DiGiovanni

Chaplain: Fr. Conor Kunath

For more information

Contact: VGC Aidan Kunath

Phone: (859) 781-8010


Meeting Location:

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Last Updated: 1/2/2024


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